Radiologic Signs
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Westermark's Sign-focal or regional pulmonary oligemia seen occasionally distal to occlusive thromboembolic disease in the lung
Whiskering-irregular bone growth at sites of tendinous insertions; enthesophytes, seen in DJD, DISH and spondyloarthropathies
Waterbottle Heart-globular shape of heart from a large pericardial effusion
Wimberger's Ring Sign-denser white line of calcification encircling the osteoporotic epiphyses in scurvy
Wimberger's Sign
Wimberger's Sign-bilateral focal destruction of the medial aspect, proximal tibial metaphyses; pathognomonic for congenital syphilis
Water Lily Sign-collapse of inner wall of hydatid cyst into a partially air-filled, partially fluid-filled cavity
Whirlpool Sign-clockwise swirling of Sup. Mesenteric V. around Sup. Mesenteric A. on transverse abdominal US in infants with midgut volvulus



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