Faculty Lectures
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Prepared by Adam Guttentag, MD

Imaging Arthritis


Basic Brain Imaging

Basic Chest Radiology

CT Angiography

Evaluation of the Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

Imaging of Back Pain

Large Joint MRI

Evaluation of the Mediastinum

Evaluation of Pulmonary Thromboembolism

Radiology of the Pleura

Prepared by Mindy Horrow, MD


CT Diagnosis of Appendicitis

CT in Blunt Abdominal Trauma in Adults

CT of Acute, Non-traumatic Aortic Disease

Imaging in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - US and CT

Appendicitis: Diagnosis by CT

CT in Acute Abdominal Pain

Carotid Sonography

The Retroperitoneal Spaces: Anatomy and Pathology Related to the Urinary Tract

Multislice CT: Principles and Perspectives

Ectopic Pregnancy

US of Renal Transplantation

Unenhanced Helical CT in the Patient with Acute Flank Pain: The Stone Search

Prepared by Susan Summerton, MD


Abdominal Pain: A site-Specific Approach

Women's Imaging

CT Evaluation of the GI Tract

MRI of the Abdomen

Radiologic Evaluation of Jaundice

Skeletal Trauma

Radiology of Pelvic/GU Tract Trauma

Evaluation of Flank Pain with CT Scan

Radiology of Acute Abdominal Emergencies


Basic Intravenous Urography

Prepared by Ceylan Cankurtaran, MD

Temporal Bone Fractures