Radiologic Signs
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Ivory Vertebra-dense, white vertebral body essentially of normal shape, most often from osteoblastic prostate or breast ca mets or Paget Dz
Incomplete Rim Sign-a partly sharply marginated, partly indistinct mass from its projection into an air-filled structure or atmosphere
Incomplete Fissure Sign-concave edge produced by pleural fluid abutting an incomplete major fissure, usually on right side
Inside Out Liver Sign-inversion of portal flow produces inside-out enhancement of liver secondary to hepatic vein occlusion
Insular Ribbon Sign-blurring of the normal cortico-medullary junction in the insular cortex as a sign of a middle cerebral artery infarct
Ivory Phalanx Sign-sclerosis of an entire digit, usually big toe, seen in psoriasis


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