Radiologic Signs
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Golden's S Sign-S shape caused by edge of elevated minor fissure and hilar mass in RUL atelectasis
Ghost Vertebrae-bone-in-a-bone seen in spine with Thorotrast injection in childhood
Gloved Finger Sign-finger-like projections from hilum from bronchial mucoid impaction in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis or asthma
Goblet Sign-dilated, cup-shape of the ureter distal to an intraluminal filling defect such as tumor, seen best on retrograde studies
Gull Wing Sign-DIP joints showing central erosions and marginal osteophytes in erosive osteoarthritis
Golfball-on-a-Tee Sign-large cavity seen on CT urogram or IVP formed by sloughed necrotic papillae in renal papillary necrosis
Gooseneck Sign-in left ventricular angiography, the shape of the LV and aorta in an endocardial cushion defect


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