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Radiologic Signs
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Abdominal Cocoon Sign

Absent bow-tie sign

Accordion sign

Acorn Cyst-Breast

Air bronchogram

Air Crescent Sign

Angel Wing Appearnce

Anteater Nose Sign

Antral Nipple Sign


Apple core


Aortic nipple


Bat-wing Appearance

Bamboo spine

Banana sign

Bear paw sign

Berry aneurysm

Beveled edge sign

Black pleural line

Blade of Grass sign

Bird of prey sign

Bite sign


Boomerang sign

Boot-shaped heart

Boutonniere deformity

Bowler hat sign

Bowtie appearance

Boxcar ventricles

Box-shaped heart

Breast in a breast

Brim sign

Bucket handle tear

Bulging fissure sign


Butterfly vertebra


C sign

Cannonball Metastases

Carman Meniscus Sign

Celery stalking

Cervicothoracic sign

Cluster of grapes sign

Cobblestone appearance-GI

Cobblestone pattern-uterus

Cobra head sign

Cockade image

Codfish Vertebrae

Codman's triangle

Coffee-bean sign

Coin Lesion

Colon cut-off sign

Collar button ulcer

Comb sign

Comet sign

Comet tail sign

Coned Epiphyses

Continuous diaphragm sign

Copula sign

Corduroy sign

Corkscrew esophagus

Corkscrew sign

Cortical ring sign

Cottage loaf sign

Cotton wool appearance

Crazy paving

Crescent sign-hip

Crowded carpal sign


CT angiogram sign


Dagger sign

Deep lateral femoral notch

Deep sulcus sign

Dense hilum sign

Dense MCA sign

Double bronchial wall sign

Double Bubble sign

Double Density sign

Double Duct sign


Double PCL sign

Double Track sign

Doughnut sign

Draping Aorta sign

Dripping Candle Wax Sign

Dromedary hump

Drooping lily sign


Drooping shoulder sign



Egg-on-a-string sign

Eggshell Calcification-Breast

Eggshell calcification-lung

Elephant on a flagpole

Empty sella

Erlenmeyer flask deformity


Eye-of-the-tiger sign


Faceless kidney

Falciform ligament sign

Fallen fragment sign

Fat pad sign

Feline esophagus

Figure 3 sign-cardiac

Fishhook Ureter-AKA hockey stick

Flat waist sign

Pear-shaped Breast

Floating teeth

Football sign


Fragment in notch sign


Ghost vertebrae

Gloved finger sign

Goblet sign

Golden's S sign

Golf-ball-on-a-tee sign

Gooseneck sign


Gullwing appearance


Haglund's deformity

Half moon sign

Hamburger bun sign

Hampton's hump

Hampton¢s Line


Hatchet head

Head cheese sign

Hide-bound appearance

Hill-Sach's deformity

Hilum convergence sign

Hilum overlay sign

Holly Leaf sign

Honda sign-Nucs


Hot-cross bun sign

Hot Nose sign-Nucs

Hurricane sign-Nucs


H-shaped vertebrae


Incomplete fissure sign

Incomplete rim sign

Inside-out sign-liver

Insular ribbon sign

Ivory phalanx sign


Ivory vertebra


Jackstone calculus

J-shaped sella


Juxtaphrenic peak sign



Keyhole sign-Breast

Keyhole sign-GU

Kidney bean sign


Knuckle sign


Laminated periosteal reaction

Lateral capsular sign

Lateral Femoral Notch Sign

Lead-pipe Colon

Lead Pipe Fracture

Lemon Sign

Leontiasis Ossea

Licked candy stick appearance

Light bulb sign

Linguine sign


Luftsichel sign


MacEwan sign

Maiden waist deformity

Mercedes Benz sign

Mickey Mouse ears-bone scan

Mickey Mouse pelvis

Misty mesentery sign

Molar tooth sign


Moulage sign


Naked facet sign

Napoleon hat sign

Nubbin Sign-Nucs


Nutcracker fracture


Oil Droplet Appearance

Omental caking


Onion-skin periosteal reaction


Pad sign

Pancake kidney

Pancake vertebra

Panda Sign

Pawnbroker's sign

Pear-shaped Bladder

Pedicle sign

Pencil-in Cup sign

Pencil Pointing

Pericardial Fat Pad sign

Phantom Calyx Sign

Picket Fence Appearance

Picture Framing

Pie-in-the-Sky sign

Piece-of-Pie sign

Pneumoarthrogram sign

Polka Dot sign

Popcorn Appearance

Popcorn Calcification-Breast

Pseudo-Rigler's sign

Puckered Panniculus Sign

Putty Kidney


Pyloric Tit sign


Rachitic rosary

Rat bite sign

Rat tail sign

Reverse 3 sign-GI

Reverse hamburger bun sign

Reverse pulmonary edema

Reversed Halo Sign

Ribbon ribs

Rice grain calcification

Rigler's sign

Ring-around-artery sign

Ring sign-papillae

Rod-like Calcifications-Breast

Rolled-edge sign-chest


Rugger jersey spine


Saber sheath trachea

Saber shin deformity

Salt and pepper skull

Sandwich vertebra

Sausage digit

Scalloped vertebra

Scimitar sign

Scottie dog

Segond Fracture

Sentinel Loop

Shaggy esophagus

Shepherd's Crook deformity

Shmoo sign

Signet ring sign

Silhouette Sign

Silver fork deformity

Sister Mary Joseph sign

Small bowel feces sign


Snowstorm appearance

Snowstorm appearance-lung

Snowstorm Pattern-Breast

Snowman sign

Soap-bubbly Appearance

Soft tissue rim sign

Spaghetti sign

Spilled teacup sign

Spine sign

Spinnaker sail sign

Split pleura sign

Spoke wheel appearance

Spotted nephrogram

Stack-of-Coins Appearance

Steeple sign

Stepladder Appearance

Stepladder sign-Breast

Stocking Glove sign-Nucs


String-of-beads sign-GI

String-of-Pearls Sign-Nucs

String sign

Stripe sign-Nucs

Sunburst periosteal reaction

Swan neck deformity


Swiss cheese appearance-cardiac


Talar beak

Target calcification

Target sign-bowel

Target sign-US

Threads and streaks sign

Three sign-Cardiac

Thumb sign


Thymic sail sign

Teacup Calcification-Breast

Teardrop sign

Terry Thomas Sign

Tree-in-bud sign

Tooth sign


Trolley track sign

Trough sign

Tubular artery sign

Tulip bulb aorta


Tumbling bullet sign


Upside down stomach sign


Vacuum disk sign

Vacuum Joint


Vanishing tumor


Water bottle heart

Water lily sign

Westermark's sign

Whirlpool sign


Wimberger's ring sign


Wimberger's sign


Y Sign

Yin-yang sign

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Breast signs contributed by Crystal Chang, MD
Nuclear Medicine Signs contributed by PeachyMae Piana, MD