Radiologic Signs
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Lateral Femoral Notch Sign-an abnormally deep depression of the lateral femoral sulcus, site of impaction fracture associated with an ACL tear
Lead Pipe Colon-rigid, ahaustral appearance of colon classically seen with chronic ulcerative colitis
Lead Pipe Fracture-combination of a greenstick and torus fracture in same bone of a child
Lightbulb sign-the persistent appearance of the internally rotated humeral head in posterior dislocation of the shoulder
Luftsichel sign-sickle-shaped, over expanded superior segment of LLL interposed between aortic arch and atelectatic LUL
Lateral Capsular sign-avulsion adjacent to lateral tibial plateau indicating injury to lateral capsular ligament and ACL
Leontiasis Ossea-lion facies-facial deformity from bony overgrowth seen most often in polyostotic fibrous dysplasia
Licked Candy Stick Sign-tapered appearance of metacarpals, phalanges and clavicles seen with psoriatic arthritis due to erosions
Laminated Periosteal Reaction-multiple layers of new bone formed in sequence around cortex, producing an onionskin appearance
Lambda Sign-Gallium uptake in the paratracheal and bilateral hilar region characteristic of sarcoidosis.
Linguine sign-breast-MRI sign of intracapsular breast implant rupture; signal strands are the implant shell floating in silicone



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