Learning Radiology xray montage

Lipoma of the Colon

• Lipomas are second in prevalence to adenomas

• Usually asymptomatic

• When symptomatic:

            • Pain

            • Diarrhea

            • Rectal bleeding

            • Constipation

• Most are submucosal

• Most are located on the right side (40%), but about 20% are in the sigmoid

Smooth, sharply defined hemispheric mass

Squeeze-sign=deformity on post evacuation film

• Ulceration is rare

• Contour may be altered by peristalsis

• May intussuscept

• CT may demonstrate fatty nature of lesion

cecal lipoma

Cecal Lipoma. Axial CT image of right lower quadrant shows a large, lobulated filling defect in the cecum with well-circumscribed margins. The lower image demonstrates a negative Hounsfield values (-85HU) consistent with fat. The lesion represents a lipoma of the cecum.