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Cathartic Colon

• Prolonged use of irritating stimulant-type laxatives results in neuromuscular incoordination from chronically increased muscle activity

• Usually requires 15 years or more of laxative use


            • Cascara

            • Castor oil

            • Senna

            • Phenolphthalein

            • Podophyllum

            • Aloin


• Usually involves colon proximal to splenic flexure-i.e predominantly right colon


• Effaced mucosa with smooth, flattened surface

• Absent haustrations

Pseudostrictures-smoothly tapered areas of spasm

• Poor evacuation of barium

• Patulous ileocecal valve

• May have shortening of right colon


• Ulcerative colitis-except that rectum is spared in cathartic colon and there are no pseudopolyps or ulcerations